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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help uploading a submission or ordering an appraisal?

Email our Broker Concierge Desk at [email protected]

What is your mortgagee clause?

OnY Glo Inc., DBA LoanLock Prime ISAOA/ATIMA
6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 1030
Santa Ana CA 92707

What are your Lock Desk Hours?

9am – 4:30pm PST

DPA Assistance cut off time is 2:30pm PST

What are your lender fees?

Underwriting fee- NonQM $1,395

Underwriting fee- Blanket DSCR (in addition to Non-QM fee) $995

Underwriting fee- Conventional/ DPA/ Government $1,295

Underwriting fee- Streamline/IRRL $895

Underwriting fee- Jumbo $1,395

Admin fee $85

Flood Certificate Fee $7